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Sierra Monitor Corporation



Great Plains Industries




2169 Violet Circle, Suite 1

Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Phone no. (716) 304 6843

Fax no. (866) 243 7918

E-Mail: sales@empireinst.com 




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 Servomex Combustion, Process, & Emissions Analyzers as well as Hummingbird Technology and Delta F Analyzers.

 Aerospace Grade pressure transducers including models that are HART Smart, 3A, Atex, CSA, & FM Approved for use in hazardous environments.   


Precision Weighing Systems with BLH KIS Beam Technology, Load Cells, & Weighing Modules 


Portable Combustion/Emission Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Opacity Measurement Analyzers

PR Electronics now launches a newly developed, unique series of universal modules with a detachable front programming unit.


Canty Process Technology


Continuous and Point Level RF Admittance, Airborne & Guided Wave Radar, Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic Pressure, Vibrating Switches, Conductivity Switches, Steam Level Indicators, Liquid Level Indicators, Sight Glasses, Mag Gauges & Bridles, Illuminators, Float Switches, Magnetostrictive Transmitters, & Wireless Interface Solutions.


Cyclops Portable Hand Held Thermometer with Blue Tooth Communications.


Precision and Economical Digital Flowmeters.


Smart Sanitary Temperature Sensors.  3A Approved.  High Accuracy and stability backed up by a NIST traceable certificate.

Gas Detectors and Monitoring Systems, Flame Detectors, Combustible Gas Monitors, Oxygen Deficiency Monitors, Toxic Gas Monitors, IIoT Solutions

Liquid Analyzers featuring products for ORP, Conductivity & Resistivity, REDOX, pH, DO, Specific Ion, Turbidity Analyzers & Controllers, and Total & Free Chlorine Analyzers

Removable and Reusable Insulation for easy maintenance.